Call Center Software Companies

Does your small business need a call center? If you have a customer service department or an active sales team, it probably does.

While many businesses choose to outsource their call centers, a good alternative for small businesses that prefer to keep their phone calls in-house is to use call center software. Call center software streamlines the process by making it easier for you and your employees to answer phone calls, as well as for customers and clients to get through to the right person. By using call center software, you can save time, improve customer and client satisfaction, and increase productivity in the office.

If you’re considering setting up call center software for your business, here are 10 companies to look into. [How to Choose the Best Call Center Software ]


3CLogic is a cloud-based contact center solution that offers outbound, inbound and blended (both outbound and inbound) options, depending on your business’s needs. It features CRM (customer relationship management) pop-up and integration, instant messaging, context-based call scripting, and more.


8×8 is a hosted VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) call center software that features call recording, Web callback, desktop sharing/collaboration, CRM integration and more. It also offers a pay-as-you-grow pricing model that allows your call center to grow with your business. 8×


EVS7 offers a cloud call center solution with predictive dialing, inbound call routing and blended campaigns. A leaderboard for agent competition brings gamification to help motivate agents. Other features include call monitoring, recording, and email.


Five9, like 3CLogic, is a cloud-based software that offers outbound, inbound and blended solutions. Features include agent scripting, priority call routing, automatic call distribution (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR) with speech recognition, and more.